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3/pack 9" X-Large Natural Real Meaty Smoked Grande Bone, 9" length (#7079-03): Home Delivery or FedEx Shipping

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CODE: 7079-03
List price: $18.99
Our price: $12.95
You save: $6.04 (32%)

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* 3/pack 9" Length X-Large Natural Meaty Smoked Grande Bone for dog (#7079-03):
* Free home delivery or shipping: if you place an order minimum amount $50.00 with other products together at same time delivery.

* Product #: 7079-03 ( 3/pack 9" length X-Large Natural Meaty Bone)

This Real Parts are from USDA inspectioned products, free of pesticides, with no added checmicals or preservatives,
This bone has meaty tidbits on it with a steer tied through the middle. 6" beef femur bone that has been naturally baked for dog.
Only FDA food grade natural flavorings.
All products are carefully tested for moisture levels, bacteria control, and maximum shelf life.
These dog chews that use an authentic, all-natural process that assures every quality treat is flavorful and easily digestible.
This is one of the most popular treats in the pet world and it is no secret that dogs love it.
This Real Parts is made right here in PA, USA.

* Do not leave your dog unattended while chewing a treat or a toy.

Made in the USA


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